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wood stove
ARTE Energy Stove

Phoenix Line

Phoenix air-heated energy wood stove, of high aesthetics and performance

Phoenix Ενεργειακή Σόμπα Ξύλου

Phoenix Ενεργειακή Σόμπα Ξύλου, υψηλής αισθητικής και απόδοσης, με τη σφραγίδα ποιότητας της εταιρίας ARTE. Eσωτερικός χώρος καύσης από βερμικουλίτη.
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Placing and installing fireplaces has only one name: DELIS S.A.

The qualified staff of DELIS S.A. comes to your place and, carrying out the necessary study, suggests the appropriate type of heating (e.g. stove, cassette or fireplace, wood or pellets) as well as the desired size of the heating source depending on the premises and the size of the residence.


Research of your space


Selection of heating type


Installation of the stove

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